Featuring: Leo Taddeo, former FBI Special Agent in Charge of Cyber/Special Ops, now CSO of Cryptzone


Despite record setting spending in the security space, data breach numbers are exploding. Today's cyber security landscape demands that we look beyond breach prevention, focusing more of our efforts onearly detection, mitigating access, and quick response times. 



"...there are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked and those that will be" Robert Mueller, Director of FBI


Topics of Discussion:

  • Today's Cyber Security Landscape
  • Highly Targeted APTs
  • Challenges with Traditional IT Security
  • The Lateral Movement of Malicious Activity
  • Why the Shift Towards Micro-segmentation


Without additional visibility and segmentation of east/west traffic, attackers are free to run havoc on your enterprise. This Webinar will cover specific methods that can be used to achieve greater visibility and reduced risk.


NEXT STEPS: To learn how to get a unique and complete view of your east-west traffic with Asset Discovery and Network Visualization, please watch our Product Overview Video.