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Software-defined Segmentation and Security for the Hybrid IT Infrastructure

Catbird’s software suite of products was designed from the ground up to provide visibility into and protection of private clouds and virtual Data Centers, and is available for both VMware and OpenStack

Catbird Insight

Discover, Visualize, Analyze

Catbird Insight automatically and continuously discovers all assets in your virtual fabric, allows the grouping of these assets into logical Catbird TrustZones® and visualizes asset relationships and the east-west traffic flows between them for improved analytics.

Catbird Secure

Enforce, Monitor, Comply

Catbird Secure enables automated enforcement of flexible security policies across Catbird TrustZones. The platform detects and alerts on potential security incidents, initiates corrective enforcement actions and provides instant compliance reporting for major standards and mandates.






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Next Steps:

Following our live product demonstration, we will open the floor to Q&A. We hope that this discussion is a collaborative event where we can share ideas, thoughts and opinions. And if you are interested in moving forward we can discuss scheduling an onsite POC.